StormGain Interest on your Crypto Deposits - Up to 12% annual interest on your Money

StormGain Interest on your Crypto Deposits - Up to 12% annual interest on your Money
  • Promotion Period: Unlimited
  • Promotions: Up to 12% interest

Earn up to 12% interest on your funds

  • Turn your assets into profit with up to 12% APR when you deposit crypto in StormGain wallets.
  • Deposit more to earn more interest on your crypto
  • The annualised interest rate depends on your loyalty status.
StormGain Interest on your Crypto Deposits - Up to 12% annual interest on your Money

How can I earn 12% annual interest on my funds?

The "Interest on Your Deposit Programme" activates as soon as you achieve a loyalty programme status above "Standard". A clients loyalty status determines the interest rate they receive.

What is the duration of the programme? For how long will this interest rate be applied?

Interest is applied 30 days from the start of the programme.

How much interest is applied? Do I need to hold funds in a particular cryptocurrency?

The total interest to be paid is calculated based on the overall balance on all accounts minus funds involved in trading and bonus funds accrued at the end of the day. Interest is calculated on the accounts total balance every day at 21:00 GMT.

What happens if my status rises during the programme?

If your status changes within 30 days of accruing interest, the interest rate applied will be changed accordingly, starting from the day your status changes until the end of the programme.

When will I receive my interest payout?

All interest accrued by the client is paid out in one payment 30 days from the date interest begins to accrue. The payout is made in USDT in the clients USDT account.

Terms and conditions of the programme

2.1. Interest shall accrue on the balance of participants StormGain accounts on the day of first-time status acquisition.

2.2. The Client’s Loyalty Programme status determines the amount of interest paid. Interest is credited within 30 days from the start date of the Loyalty Programme.

2.3. Calculation of the interest shall take place daily on the basis of the account balance as at 21:00 GMT. The amount of interest payable shall be calculated using the total remaining balance of all accounts, excluding funds in trade and any end-of-day bonus funds.

2.4. If the clients status changes during the 30 days when interest accrues, the interest rate shall be changed accordingly for the remaining days of programme activity.

2.5. The amount of interest due shall then be transferred in USDT to the clients USDT StormGain account. All interest accrued by the client shall be paid in a lump sum 30 days following the date on which interest began accruing.

2.6. Interest shall not be paid on any amounts above USD 50,000 (fifty thousand). Where the balance of a StormGain clients account exceeds USD 50,000 (fifty thousand), interest shall only be paid on a maximum of USD 50,000 (fifty thousand) thereof.

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